What Is The Weight Limit For Kayaks/Canoes/Sups?

Listed below are the recreational rentals that we offer and their max capacities:

  • Sound (Sit-In Single Kayak): Max Capacity – 300 Lbs
  • Tribe (Sit-On Top Single Kayak): Max Capacity – 300 Lbs
  • Striker (Sit-On Top Xl Single Kayak): Max Capacity – 500 Lbs
  • Cove (Sit-In Double Kayak): Max Capacity – 500 Lbs
  • Pescador (Sit-On Top Double Kayak): Max Capacity – 500 Lbs
  • Canoes: Max Capacity – 500 Lbs
  • Sups: Max Capacity – 250 Lbs

Do I Need To Sign Waivers/Forms?

Yes, a waiver must be completed prior to renting with us.

What Is Your Payment Policy?

We accept cash and credit card. We will hold onto a form of ID/Credit Card as a form of collateral until your return with the rentals, you will pay upon your return.

Where Can I Find Parking?

Parking Is Located At: 543 East Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901 (this is a shared lot with Jerry & the Mermaid, behind the Hyatt hotel). You may also find additional municipal parking around town.

Is Kayak/Canoe/SUP Experience Required?

No, you do not need any kayak/canoe/SUP experience to rent with us.

If I Have My Own Kayak, Can I Launch It At Your Location? Is There A Fee?

No, we do not permit outside kayaks to be launched from our marina unless there are other people within your party renting with us. There is no fee to launch your kayak in that instance. There is a free launch behind town (near the municipal parking lot behind the apartment complex). Please be advised that parking is restricted behind the Hyatt on weekends, so it is advised to use the public launch. When you launch your kayak, you will meet up with the rest of your party at our marina down the river (headed east on the Peconic River).

What Should I Wear Kayaking? What Should I Bring?

Dress comfortably and prepare for any form of weather but prepare to get a little wet, after all, it is a watercraft rental! Flip flops, sandals, slides, sneakers are allowed to be worn on your rental. We recommend that you bring sunscreen, water, a towel and a change of clothes. Bathing suits are

Is There An Age Limit/Height Restriction(s)?

Any child under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (18+). We do not have any height restrictions. Infants, children, teens, adults, & seniors are all welcome to enjoy their experience with us!

What Is Your Reservation Policy?

We recommend that you make your reservation online. If you have trouble, you may call us and we can take the reservation for you.

Do You Supply Life Jackets? Is There A Fee To Use Life Jackets?

Yes, we supply life jackets which are located down at our rental dock. life jackets must be worn at all times, no exceptions! There is no additional fee to use our life jackets. you may also bring your own life jacket(s).

Are Dogs Allowed To Come On A Kayak/Canoe?

Yes, dogs are welcome to enjoy the experience! However, we do not have life jackets for them – you must supply a life jacket for your dog.

What If I Don’t Know How To Swim?

We recommend that all our renters have some experience with swimming. The customer assumes all risks when they sign our watercraft waiver. Life jackets must be worn at all times, and it is recommended that someone within your group knows how to swim.

Are There Places To Eat On The Water Or Within The Area?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any restaurants on the water. However, we have two restaurants on our property, The Seaside Grill and Jerry & the Mermaid. There are additional restaurants along main street. You may also pack food/drinks to bring with you on your journey, but we ask that you clean up the rental prior to exiting the craft.

Do You Have Lockers?
We have four small lockers within our office. We recommend that you keep all valuables and large items in your vehicle.

Are Coolers Allowed On The Rentals?

Yes, as long as there is enough room for your party and the cooler. Please be advised that added weight in the cooler may add to the crafts’ weight capacity limits. 

Are There Bathrooms On Property?

Yes, we have bathrooms on property. See office for more information.

Do You Offer Group Discounts?

Yes, we offer group discounts for parties with 15+ people. Please inquire with our office staff for more information.

Do You Sell Kayaks/Equipment/Parts?

No, we do not sell kayaks or equipment. Check with WalmartDick’s Sporting GoodsTarget, etc.

What Is The Moonlight Tour? How Much Does It Cost?

The Moonlight Tour Is A Night Paddle That We Send Out (4) Times Within A Season. It Costs $60/Pp +Tax.

Do You Need Experience For the Moonlight Tour? If So, How Much Experience Would You Need?

We recommend that you have some kayaking/stand up paddle board experience, and are comfortable paddling during the day, as the tour occurs at night.

What Is Included With The Moonlight Tour? What Should We Wear?

We provide a life jacket, head lamp, paddle(s) and the watercraft, as well as lights for the vessel. Dress comfortably, there is a chance of getting wet, so bring a towel and a change of clothes. All shoes are acceptable. If you intend on renting a stand up paddle board, shoes are not permitted on the board.

What Is An Adventure Tour?

The Adventure Tour runs for 1-1/2 hours, daily in July and August. An Aquarium educator will guide you as you explore the Peconic River, while pointing out the local flora and fauna found along the way.

What Marine Life Resides In The Peconic River?

Many animals call the Peconic River home, including bunker and snapper (fish), many birds, turtles and more. There are no sharks, alligators or any traditionally dangerous animals in this river.

Do You Offer Transport/Pick-Up Services For Your Rentals?

Unfortunately, we do not offer these services.

I Have A Groupon, Can You Advise How I Would Make A Reservation?

  1. Go to our website: www.LongIslandCanoeKayakRentals.com and click on rentals > 2 hour rental > select your preferred date/time. When choosing the date, confirm your Groupon states either “Monday-Friday” or “Any Day,” please be advised that if you are interested in a rental from 2-4pm, you must arrive by 1:15pm-1:30pm, as all equipment/crafts are due back by 3:30pm.
  2. Add the amount and type of craft(s) that you will be renting based on your Groupon choice (i.e. Tandem/double kayak, Single kayak, or a Canoe).
  3. After you select your craft, you will be directed to “add promo or discount code.” Please click on this box and add the redemption code from the Groupon. Please note, you will need to redeem the voucher prior to entering the redemption code.
  4. Complete your information: name, phone number, email, credit card information (if your Groupon is added correctly, your credit card will not be charged). The reservation system will ask for a credit card for security purposes, but the card will not be charged.
    Complete Your Reservation

What Can I Do If My Groupon Expired?

Although your Groupon is expired, the value of the Groupon does not expire. You can make a reservation by calling our office and we can set it up for you. Please be advised that you may need to pay the difference for the rental if it exceeds the value price (the amount that you paid for the Groupon), as well as any tax.

What Is Your Refund/Cancellation Policy?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. We do not issue refunds, however, you can reschedule for a later date or receive a gift card for credit.

What Should I Do If I Fall Into The Water?

You should swim to the sides of the river with the kayak/canoe and flip over the vessel if any water got inside. Once drained of water, get back into the craft and paddle back to the marina. We have a rescue boat in case of an emergency, however, there is a $50 search/rescue fee per craft. You can contact our office at: (631) 727-8386. 

What Do You Receive With A Rental?

We provide you with the craft and equipment, a life jacket  and a map of the river which we review with you prior to your launch.

Do You Offer Lessons?

Unfortunately, we do not offer lessons. Once you are on the river, you will get the hang of maneuvering the craft.

Where Can I Store My Belongings?

We advise that you keep all valuables in your vehicle.

I Have Never Kayaked/Canoed/SUP Before. What Do You Recommend?

We would recommend that you try one of our crafts for one hour. If you would like to extend your time on the river, you can always do so and will pay upon your return. All crafts and equipment.